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Coming soon... 1950s Minimalist Teak Daybed Teddy Fur Upholstery
Posted By minimalconcept
24.04.2018 09:32
1950s Teak Daybed with metal legs, Minimalist Design, new upholstery & Teddy Fur fabric, Germany 1950...
Coming soon... 1960s Wall Mounted Sideboard Philippon & Lecoq
Posted By minimalconcept
20.03.2018 20:43
1960s Wall Mounted Sideboard Antoine Philippon & Jacqueline Lecoq, Bofinger 1961...
Coming soon... 1970s Balinese Solid Teak Wood Daybed
Posted By minimalconcept
18.03.2018 19:41
Unique Solid Balinese Teak Wood 1970s Daybed Sofa with New Grey Upholstery...
Coming soon... Hans J. Wegner Sofa GE 236
Posted By minimalconcept
15.03.2018 16:52
Beautiful 1950s Hans J. Wegner Sofa GE 236-3 Oak & New Upholstery GETAMA Denmark...
Coming soon... Dieter Waeckerlin B40 Sideboard
Posted By minimalconcept
15.03.2018 14:44
1960s Dieter Waeckerlin Behr B40 Teak Sideboard, Credenza 1963...
Coming soon... Hans J. Wegner Lounge Chairs GE 375
Posted By minimalconcept
15.03.2018 11:32
Pair of 1960s Hans J. Wegner Lounge Easy Chairs Mod. GE 375 Oak Leather Getama...